Friday, March 30, 2007

On The Beach

My friend Kristin Roberts is getting married in May. In exchange for doing the engagement photos for her website, she agreed to model for me for an outdoor lifestyle shoot. A rare beautiful day in the middle of winter appeared and we headed up to Camano Island. The first image was straightforward but awkward to execute. I was literally lying on my stomach on the pebbles as Kristin walked straight over me and down the beach. I chose just long enough shutter speed to blur Kristin as she walked but short enough to keep the rocks and background sharp. My neck still hurts from that series.

The second image is obviously manipulated in the computer but I love the results. The original light was just as the sun was setting. For Photoshop fans, I switched to black and white using the channel mixer layer. To me, this is the only conversion option to use since it allows independent control of the red, green, and blue channels. It is just like using a filter, but in any desired amount and in real time as you fiddle with it. I also added film grain back into the digital image to create a high speed and contrasty film look.

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