Tuesday, April 10, 2012


When I first visited Washington in the 90s on a photo trip, I decided to drive around the waterways to get to the Olympic Peninsula rather than shell out the $15 to get across in 30 minutes. It was the one and only time I did that. It was an excruciatingly long and tedious drive at rush hour.

I love the ferries. To me, they are completely integrated with the landscape and the culture of the Seattle area. The single best view of downtown Seattle is from one of the ferry routes. They are both great for travel to and from the surrounding area and an inexpensive form of entertainment for my 5yr old son.

The Mukilteo Ferry Terminal and beach is one of my last minute, go-to spots when I throw together a quick shoot in the evening.


Anonymous said...

Great light you've caught here on one of our beautiful ferries!

Jim Lundgren said...

Thanks again Madge. I appreciate you stopping by!