Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look Back At 2013

Looking back, it has been an interesting year. It seemed like my time behind the camera dropped dramatically but when I added it all up, I managed to sneak in nearly twice the number of shoots I did in 2012...go figure. I succeeded in stepping outside "my box" more and experimenting with different techniques. Most importantly, it was the year my son started taking an interest in what I...change that to we...did. It was difficult paring down the list to my favorite 10 images but here they are....

Sunset at Anacortes, Washington in January. It seems like a lifetime ago but I definitely remember how cold it was that evening. It was also the first sunset my son got really jazzed about.

2013 brought my first experiments with long-exposure photography. This was from the deck of the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon....right after happy hour.

The Falls on Boulder River in Washington have been on my to-do list for a long time. I've been there before with my son but I finally made in back with my camera gear this year.

2013 saw the return of black and white to my repertoire. This mosquito-infested marshy shoreline is at Baker Lake, Washington

I tried to shoot during the midday hours more rather than sitting around and pining for great light. "High Noon" was taken in Edmonds, Washington at ....if you haven't guessed already...noon.

Urban photography surfaced in my work this year. Although I still love being in nature the most, I had a great time wandering around Seattle and Bellevue. Reflections of the Space Needle in the EMP.

My retrospective would just not be complete if I didn't include a shot from Picnic Point just around the corner from my house. If you've followed my work, you know I'm completely obsessed with this location....mainly because it's right down the street.

I made a promise to explore the neighborhood more and this capture came from just down the street in Lynndale Park. I've lived in this area for 7 years and never knew this scene was just minutes away.

Don't ever fall into the trap of telling yourself you need to travel to create decent images. These leaves were from our yard.

There just might not be a better moment in life than watching twilight slip away over the inland waterways. Hood Canal, Washington

If I impart one thing to my son, I want it to be my love of nature.  Fort Stevens, Oregon


Michael said...

Great photos Jim! May 2014 be even better! :)

Thomas said...

I see some of my favorites in there Jim. A good year indeed for you my friend. Wish you continued success in 2014!

Jim Lundgren said...

Thank you Michael and Thomas. Always appreciate you comments!