Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Evening in Edmonds

The sunny summer days were nice but this is weather that makes you feel ALIVE!!

The evening was looking pretty interesting last night so I rushed through homework with my son, cooked up a quick and elegant early dinner (OK...it was hot dogs and beans but don't judge) and flew out the door with dishes in the sink (OK...strewn all over the counter top but luckily my wife is away for the week.)

We were fortunate to be sandwiched between storm cells to the east and this one to the west. The storm slowly moved out over the Puget Sound and finally got close as it started to get dark. As the light faded, I put the camera down and snuggled with my son on a bench watching the mini wall cloud as it rolled over the beach. We braced ourselves against the gust front and only left when the rain drops started to pelt us. On the drive home, we were treated to a lightning show...a pretty rare occurrence up here in the Pacific Northwest.

All in all, my son seemed to think it was a pretty awesome way to spend an evening. Beats watching the Lego Movie for the millionth time.

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