Monday, December 29, 2014

4 Minutes At Larrabee

4 minute exposure at Larrabee State Park, Washington

Sunday was a big day for 50th birthday. I'd like to say I made the transition into my next decade gracefully but, truth be told, I was a moody SOB for most of December. As the month rolled on, I accomplished less and less. I gave up shooting new images, I gave up processing images, and finally gave up posting images as well. What I did do really well was to drive my wife and son crazy with my unpredictable outbursts.

The dreaded day finally arrived and I suddenly didn't feel so crappy anymore. I wouldn't say I felt great, but more....sort of relieved...and surprisingly focused. I'm really looking forward to the next ten years. Several great ideas have been swirling around in my head and I'm planning on devoting this stretch of my life to getting those projects done...and sharing them with everyone when they get under way. Hopefully some ideas will work and probably some will fail but I'm not leaving my 50s without trying each and every one of them.

I captured this image on Sunday while the Hawks were playing. No hating on me please...I listened to the 2nd half on the radio.


D.Hussey said...

I have found that the things I've dreaded in my life have always been worse in my mind leading up to it than the reality of it once the time has come

Happy B-Day Jim

Jim Lundgren said...

So True...Thank you David!!