Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A New Perspective

The waterfall at Hug Point State Park has to be one of the most photographed locations in Oregon. How can anyone resist a waterfall that drops directly onto the beach? So what do you do to walk away with an image that is a little different then plethora of fantastic photos already out there? Maybe just back up a little bit and emphasize the waterfall a little less in the composition.

Falls on Fall Creek, Hug Point State Park, Oregon


Anonymous said...

I really love your foregrounds... do you play with hyperfocal distance to get such focus throughout your images?

Jim Lundgren said...

Thanks Madge. The quick answer to your question is "yes"

I am somewhat lazy and refuse to go through the mathematical calculations to figure out exactly how far from the lens I should focus to get the maximum depth of field. Instead I simply back off infinity a little to gain some extra focus and try to shoot with as small an aperture as possible without touching the extreme ends of the lens. If I'm six inches off the ground though, it's going to have to be the smallest aperture available

I've seen several images recently for the Columbia River Gorge this spring that have blended different focused exposures to extend the depth of field. The results are really good and quite natural so I definitely am going to look into that since I spend so much time with my camera barely off the ground :)