Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cold Morning

It snowed north of Seattle again on Monday. The Puget Sound Convergence Zone set up over Snohomish county during the afternoon and it was coming down at a pretty good clip. But as quick as it came, it was over and clear skies appeared at sunset.

I got up Tuesday morning and drove down to the Edmonds waterfront expecting to catch first light on the Olympic Mountains. Instead I was greeted with pelting sleet storms, a cold stiff breeze off the water, sizable waves (for the Sound anyway), and some pretty ominous skies. Eventually the clouds did part and cleared the way to see the Olympics but I couldn't take my focus off of the dramatic and moody scene on the beach in front of me. It was not what I went looking for, but I chose to embrace what the Puget Sound was dishing up that morning.

I finished the shoot with wet shoes, frozen fingers, and a sense of peace that I only attain after seeing nature play out its wildest side. The best part of the shoot, however, was the surprise at the end. I came home to a stack of hot pancakes. My family is awesome!

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