Thursday, March 8, 2012

Misty Forest

I'm not a fan of sunny days. There it is! I've said it! The problem remains that I'm not quite sure if I believe it or it is a way to remain sane while living in the Pacific Northwest. Either way, I might as well go with it. Nature will dish out reality whether it agrees with my feelings or not. More often than not, that means clouds.

I stood for over an hour at the top of Stevens Canyon in Mount Rainier National Park watching this scene. The canyon seemed to be alive and breathing that morning, literally blowing clouds up the slopes and then sucking them back down into the depths. At times the clouds would obliterate the scene leaving me staring at a grey wall. At other times the clouds would disappear completely revealing the entire forest at one time. Like this image, most of the time, it was somewhere in between.

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